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March 14
March Conferences – Wrap Up and Slide Decks

6 days, 3 conferences, 6 sessions, one great trip. I had an awesome time speaking at Little Rock Tech Fest on March 1st, then SharePoint Saturday Austin on March 2nd, and finally presenting 3 sessions and a lightning talk at SPTechCon in San Francisco.

I had some of the best, most engaged attendees I’ve had in a long time. It feels like SharePoint might be getting its second wind and a new crop of stressed out, frustrated, ready to quit and get a job at McDonald’s folks!  Welcome to the joy and the pain!  :)

The SharePoint & jQuery Guide

Also entitled “SharePoint and jQuery Essentials” at Little Rock Tech Fest and SharePoint Saturday Austin.

This session has been evolving and growing since I started using jQuery in SharePoint. Rather than teach the audience how to write jQuery, this sessions helps attendees understand how to integrate jQuery in SharePoint. I also discuss the pros and cons of using jQuery, give some best practices, and walk the audience through a few demos.

Definitely one of my favorite sessions that I will continue to grow and expand upon as I continue to learn this often frustrating technology.


You can catch the updated version of this session at the NEXT SPTechCon in Boston in August. Registration is already open, and the sooner you register the bigger the discount you get! It’s a great conference in an awesome location. There’s not any better place to spend three days in August learning about SharePoint.


What is SharePoint Development?

SharePoint development does not mean opening up Visual Studio and calling it a day. Any SharePoint Developer worth his salt will have multiple tools at his/her disposal. In this session I talk about the different methods of SharePoint Development and what you can do with each.



NOW I get it!! What SharePoint is and Why My Company Needs it!

This fun, light-hearted session attempts to help people not comfortable with the marketing jargon come to an understanding of what exactly SharePoint is and what it can do for them. I had a lot of great feedback on this session as well as some great conversations during the session.  Thanks to Jeff Shuey (@jshuey) for his help and input.


As part of my session I interviewed multiple SPTechCon attendees and speakers and asked them to explain to me what SharePoint is in just a couple of sentences.  Lots of great responses! Some of them are even serious. :) The link to the video is below.

“What is SharePoint” Video


Thanks so much to all who attended my sessions. I really did have an amazing time.

Next up for me is the SharePoint Evolution Conference in London April 15th-17th!!  This promises to be a tremendous event. I can’t think of a better way for you get a tax write-off than in the heart of downtown London with a bunch of awesome SharePoint people at an awesome SharePoint conference! I hope to see you there!


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